Becoming a Ghost

by Bluereso

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released August 12, 2016

Special thanks to Raime Cronkhite and Andrew Gulledge for their hard work on the album cover and press photos.

Raime Lee

Andrew Gulledge



all rights reserved


Bluereso Grand Rapids, Michigan

Becoming a Ghost

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Track Name: Holding On
I'm still holding on
To the chance that
You and I
Might meet again someday.
Track Name: Covered In Blood
These tracks are covered in blood.
Track Name: Becoming a Ghost
Becoming a ghost.

I'm sick, afraid, and alone.

Become a ghost, I will take aim.
Track Name: Make It Stop
I dream of the day
I crumble and fade.
Would it be so different?
I will see things clearly.

I need rest.
Take what's left of me.
Bring me down
Make the hemorrhaging stop.
Track Name: Burn
I cannot explain,
But I feel your pain.
You don't have to be afraid,
For I can take you away.

I will take you away,
Oh, I will burn this place.
Track Name: Through the Gravel
I see through the gravel.
Track Name: Stay
I told you I would stay,
So take me away.
And if it isn't safe,
I'll come back from the grave.
Track Name: 01110101(u)
I know you're lonely,
I can see it in your eyes.
I know you see me,
Hidden in my disguise.

We're not so different,
You and I.
I know you can't help it,
But god you have to try.

Cause I know you're lonely,
So it's better if you stay.
I know you see me,
And things don't have to change.

You aren't thinking clearly,
Listen to what I say.
You're not allowed to leave
To be gone for all my days.

Cause I know you're lonely.
Track Name: If This Helps
Maybe if I could swap out my instincts
For something better.
Much more resilient.

Or maybe if we could go back
To when we didn't know each other.
I think it'd be easier

To breathe,
To breathe.

I got lost in dreaming,
No one said I was still sleeping.
And I've forgotten who
It was I was trying to be.

So wake me up
Before I crumble.
Before I tear myself in two.

Cause dreaming only hurts when I'm empty,
And I'm empty without you.